Vision, Mission & Value


Become Leading National Property Players


Providing Industrial Properties, Commercial, Residential and related infrastructure that provides solutions for investors, Customers and other related Parties

Corporate Value

Corporate culture that implemented in this company is “IKHLAS”, with tagline “Working as a Worship & Always be Thankful”. And the acronym of “IKHLAS”  as follows:

Integritas (Integrity)

Always be honest, disciplined, responsible, and to implement the principles of transparency

Kreatif (Creative)

Always give the innovative idea also the real action to the company’s growth, as well as be open to new insight and knowledge

Handal (Reliable)

Always give the best service to customer’s satisfaction

Loyal (Loyal)

Proud to be part of this company and faithful to keep the company’s reputation

Akuntabel (Accountable)

Follow the rules and regulations, and responsible in accordance with the duties and authorities

Sinergi (Synergy)

Be cooperative, mutual respect, and provide benefits