Management Message

Preparing Your Future

Management recognizes that the business environment in this millennium provides opportunities and challenges that require companies to maximize their ability in the creation of added value. As a consequence, KIEC has been redefined and redirected target, develop a strategy to be able to provide facilities for its customers with a sustainable cost effectiveness. Management is committed to its mission to continuously improve the industrial park infrastructure and facilities so as to provide services at competitive prices in a professional work environment.

Favorable location

Ciwandan port, Cigading, and Merak, located along the coast of Banten is constantly growing significantly and has become a hub for trade development in the region. In addition, Banten province currently has a new bureaucracy serve simpler. Banten has now become an autonomous region which does not depend on the capital Jakarta. As a result, KIEC becomes more attractive to investors because it offers an ideal location and comfortable environment for heavy industries ranging from steel industry (steel related) to the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Resources and Skills for Success

KIEC Management has the resources and expertise to assist its customers in making investments. These resources include, among others, the existing database of investors and investments in the region are advised to create additional value from existing business synergies.

Invest Now !

KIEC committed to the goal that is the real basis; provide clients with impeccable service in an attractive working environment and safe. For this reason, KIEC ready to assist you in achieving your vision and mission, the achievement of profit, future growth, security and pride in the company / business.